Web Design That is SEO Friendly

One of the major challenges of getting SEO friendly web design is finding the right designer who knows how to fuse the level of aesthetics and technicalities of SEO. Unfortunately, it is very challenging to find a web designer with such knowledge. Therefore, it is highly advised to hire a professional SEO consultant along with designer.

The design should not only be beautiful but also functional. The aim of getting SEO friendly web design is not only for visual aesthetics but also for the profitability of the website owner. A design that does not give ROI or return of investment is useless.

5Here are some of the best tips on how to get a web design that is efficient and friendly:

Start with your keywords

One of the basic things of SEO is the keywords. You need to choose which keyword or set of keywords should represent your business. Keywords will serve as the selling words or catch phrase of your website. In order to find out which keywords are best for you, there is a need to create potential list first. You can use a keyword research tool to come up with the best keywords.

(2) Focus on the placement of your keywords

In order for the keywords to easily access by search engines’ algorithm, make sure you have placed the keywords properly. By arranging it on the right pace, there will be an easy access of information. Your goal is to have a site that has well placed keywords. However, there is a caveat. Do not overdo it.

(3) Make the navigation search engine friendly

You need to understand that it is hard for the search engines to read your website if most of the links is embedded on images. By hiring the right designer, he or she can work on the CSS3 and achieve the best design that is as efficient that a design that is done on Photoshop. As much as possible, avoid websites made using JavaScript.

(4) Getting URLs that are SEO optimized

Have you heard of proper branding to easily recognize what you are looking at? It works the same way with search engine optimization. Say you are to choose among different doors. For you to know what kind of room to enter, there should be a label on it. For the search engine to easily crawl the site, it is much better to use keyword based URLs, said marketing manager at OD Marketers LLC.

(5) Thoroughly check images

This is an important part of SEO friendly website design. As much as possible, you should not overlook this part because images are as important as your keywords. Since you are aiming for a visually appealing design, it means that you need to focus on the visuals or images as well. Optimize your images so that they are easily crawled or read by the search engine robots Moreover, keep the images small or just enough for the mobile users to easily load them.

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